Together we will fuel the rise of women in Tech . . .

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At Vinetta it’s our goal to change gender ratios in innovation and investment.  We believe that when you give women equal access to information, resources, connections and capital and use technology to fuel their fire, companies and investors will not only see higher ROIs, our global population will prosper both socially and economically.

The Vinetta Project has evolved over the years to become a leading pipeline and platform to source high potential founders and showcase them across North America.  We are now launching the next evolution of support:


World's first talent agency dedicated to the rise of Tech's Top Female Founders


The Collective sources, prepares and represents tech's top female founders through a membership and agency model. Vinetta acts as a talent agent curating opportunities between The Collective members both internally and externally through our larger networks.  

Vinetta provides our undivided attention for The Collective members with a focus on 4 core areas of support



The Collective is a collaboration of the most influential investors, founders & market leaders focused on a clear goal-  seeing high growth female founders prevail.   If you fit into one of the following THREE categories and are interested in being represented by Vinetta or working with our collaborative community, please click below to learn more.

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